Exhibitor list


1221 Design & Communications

4A Paper Valiant Eagle Industry Co Ltd

Aiven On Stationery Co Ltd

Alpha3 Covering Material (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Anhui Qitian Stationery MFG Co Ltd

Anhui Sunshine Stationery Co Ltd

Anycolor Computer Consumables Co Ltd

Asia Paper Pulp Energy Exchange Group Limited

Beifa Group

Beijing Bomu Map Co Ltd

Beijing Gos Media Ltd

Beijing Yongwaicheng Stationery Market Co Ltd

Blue Giant (Shanghai) Inc

Bonsaii Technology Co Ltd

Boya Binding Equipment Co Ltd

Cangnan Rongxin Science & Technology Co Ltd

Cangnan Chifeng Stationery Factory

Cangnan Longgang Changqing Crafts & Gifts Factory

Cangnan Nobon Technology Co Ltd

Cangnan Weida Stationery Co Ltd

Cangnan Yongyi Stationery Co Ltd

CCPIT Ningbo


Changzhou Jialian Plastic Co Ltd

Changzhou JINPEX Electronics Co Ltd

Cixi City Hannuo Stationery Mfg Co Ltd

Cixi Dujia Electronic Appliance Co Ltd

Cixi Zhenye Pen-Making Factory

Clip-Rite Inc

Cosimex (Shanghai) Ltd


D & Y Import And Export Limited

Dae Myung Chemical Industry (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Dalian Iris International Trade Co Ltd

Delfino Co Ltd(Shanghai)

Deli Group Co Ltd

Deqing Zhongying Stationery Products Co Ltd


Dongguan ATA Electric Limited

Dongguan City Huifeng Stationery Company Limited

Dongguan Fusen Stationery Stapler Co Ltd

Dongguan Huen Da Machinery Co Ltd

Dongguan Kaiyuan Plastication Technology Co Ltd

Dongguan Kingsbrand Printing Material Co Ltd

Dongguan Klt & Casine Electronic Technology Co Ltd

Dongguan Meideng Synthetic Leather Co Ltd

Dongguan Suntech Electronics Co Ltd

Dongguan Xinbao Stationery Product Co Ltd

Dongguan Zhanheng Weaving String Co Ltd

Dongguancity Ruiime Electionic Technology Co Ltd

Dongyang Ruida Binding Material Co Ltd

Dongyang Xinyi Stationery and Sanita Ptabticles Co Ltd

Dowell (HK) Industrial Ltd

DSB Binding Corporation

Fangyuan Plastic & Color Printing (Jiangxi) Co Ltd

Fine Honest Trading Limited

Flyingdeer Wuyi County Stationery Co Ltd

Forta Electronics Co Ltd

Foshan Kongjia Hardware Products Co Ltd

Foshan Xiangjia Display Equipment Products Factory

Foshan Yakudo Electronic Technology Co Ltd

Fu-line (Xiamen) Industries Co Ltd

Fuyang Gold-horse Binding Supplies Co Ltd

Fuyongda Company Limited

Fuzhou Weimei Stationery Co Ltd

Gecko Office Supplies Co Ltd

Giantco (Shenzhen) Limited

Greenth Foam Technology Corp

Guangbo Group Stock Co Ltd

Guangdong Tango Information Paper Limited

Guangdong Wanpin Art and Culture Development Co Ltd

Guangdong Yilida Co Ltd

Guangdong Zhongshan Baodi OA Machinery Co Ltd

Guangzhou City Baiyun District Huada Laminating Film & Crafts Factory

Guangzhou City Taizhi Network Technology Co Ltd

Guangzhou Dameid Paper Co Ltd

Guangzhou Foison Stationery Co Ltd

Guangzhou Huiduo Adv Co Ltd

Guangzhou Panyu Tung Yung Stationery Manufactory Limited

Guangzhou Weichen Hardware Product Co Ltd

Guangzhou Xintian Culture Development Co Ltd

Hangzhou Fuyang Hupu Hansway Trading Co Ltd

Hangzhou Fuyang Wuhao Office Equipment Co Ltd

Hangzhou Hengmei Lami Co Ltd

Hangzhou Landa Crafts Co Ltd

Hangzhou Pingda Electric & Machinery Co Ltd

Hangzhou Shunlida Suede Leather Co Ltd

Hangzhou Staritaly Synthetic Leather Co Ltd

Harbin Hairun Pencil Co Ltd

Harbin Tiantan Pencil Lead Co Ltd

Heilongjiang Maikelao Cultural Goods Co Ltd

Henan Xinkenai Industrial Co Ltd

Hengshui Guoxin Stationery Co Ltd

HONYAR Electrical

Hosen Plastic Technology (Yixing) Co Ltd

Hotrock Stationery (S.Z) Co Ltd

Huizhi International Co Ltd

Huizhou Shengtai Metal & Plastic Manufacturing Co Ltd

Huizhou Willing Office Supplies Co Ltd

Huizhou Yidu Stationery Supplies Co Ltd

Huzhou Zhiyuan Office Supplies Product Co Ltd

International Paper Distribution (Shanghai) Limited

International Stationery & Office Supplies Development Company

J D S Hardware Stationery Co Ltd

Jiangmen Weijiang Wenti Factory

Jiangsu New United Office Equipments Co Ltd

Jiangsu Qianwang Network Technology Co Ltd

Jiangsu Xingda Stationery Group Co Ltd

Jiangyin Merry Stationery Manufacture Co Ltd

Jiangyin Shangjia Stationery Manufacture Co Ltd

Jiangyin Zhongjia Stationery Development Co Ltd

Jiaxing Seagull Paper Products Co Ltd

Jinhua Hongtai Stationery Co Ltd

Jinhua Yuanwen Stationery Co Ltd

Jinyun Baiyi Stationery Co Ltd

JMD International Limited

Kenlen Industrial (Shenzhen) Co Ltd

Kokuyo Commerce (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Kolion Technology Co Ltd (Zhuhai)

Kunshan Futelai Paper Industry Co Ltd

Kunshan Hopax Paper Products Co Ltd

Lanxi Fangxing Packing And Production Factory

Leter (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Menston Co Ltd

Michsan Imaging Supplies Co Ltd

Misiland Industrial (Nanjing) Co Ltd

Mitsa Group

Mitsubishi Pencil Marketing (HK) Co Ltd

Nakabayashi Trading Co Ltd

Nanjing Oracle Digital Technology Co Ltd

Nantong Buyor Office Products Co Ltd

Ningbo Apex International Co Ltd

Ningbo Beiyu Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Bobang Technology And Science Industry Co Ltd

Ningbo Bud Stationery Manufactury Co Ltd

Ningbo Copen Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Creative Automatic Co Ltd

Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone Sinco Industrial & Trading Co Ltd

Ningbo Enjoy Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Fortek Electronics Co Ltd

Ningbo Haibo Office Machinery Co Ltd

Ningbo Highing Import & Export Co Ltd

Ningbo Hi-tech Wincent Technology Co Ltd

Ningbo Ho-brand Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Huilong Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Jiangdong A.Ni Import & Export Co Ltd

Ningbo Jielisi Stationery Company Limited

Ningbo Jiezhou Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Jinchao Plastic Products Co Ltd

Ningbo Johnshen Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Kaisheng Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Kingmold Machinery Co Ltd

Ningbo Lesda Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Little Snowman Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo New Sunny Scissors Manufacture Co Ltd

Ningbo Noke Stationery Industrial Co Ltd

Ningbo Oriental Commercial Road Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Praise Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Qinghua Science & Education Equipment Co Ltd

Ningbo Rainbow Office & Gift Co Ltd

Ningbo Regal Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Soaring Daily Use Articles Co Ltd

Ningbo Songhe Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Taiyu Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Tianhong Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Weishu Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Wenfeng Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Wonghing Handicrafts Co Ltd

Ningbo Yinzhou Boxing Paperart Factory

Ningbo Yongfeng Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Yongji Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Yulin Metal Product Co Ltd

Ningbo Zeyi Stamp Co Ltd

Ningbo Zhenda Stationery Co Ltd

Ningbo Zhenhai Shenlan Stationery Manufacture Corp Ltd

Ningbo Zhenyang Culture & Education Appliance Co Ltd

Ninghai Advance Stationery Co Ltd

Ninghai Buleeton Stationery Co Ltd

Ninghai Chuangzhong Stationery Co Ltd

Ninghai Junbo Culture and Education Article Co Ltd

Ninghai Quancong Stationery Co Ltd

Ninghai Rofo Stationery Manufactory

Ninghai Shingle Stationery Co Ltd

Ninghai Shuangdie Stationery Appliance Co Ltd

Ninghai Stationery Association

Ninghai Yuanming Stationery Co Ltd

Ninghai Zhibo Stationary Co Ltd

Noris-Color GmbH (Trodat)

Office System Limited

Officemart Stationery (Shandong) Co Ltd

Officemate (Nanjing) Stationery Manufacturing Co Ltd

Ofitech Business Machine (Hongkong) Limited

Phenix Industry Limited

PILOT pen (Shenzhen) Co Ltd

Plus Stationery Shanghai Co Ltd

Prosper Electronics (Shenzhen) Co Ltd

Pujiang Yizheng Stationery Co Ltd

Qingdao Aton Stationery Co Ltd

Qingdao Changlong Stationery Co Ltd

Qingdao Guozeng Stationery Co Ltd

Qingdao Huiyun Binding Industrial Co Ltd

Qingdao Kaisa Notebook Manufacturing Co Ltd

Qingdao MEG Paper Company Ltd

Qingdao Ohsung Stationery Co Ltd

Qingdao SPC Co Ltd

Qingyuan Shengxiong Stationery Co Ltd

Qingyuan Songyuan Pen Co Ltd

Qiwen Business Development Co Ltd Guangzhou

Rayson Electrical Mfg Ltd

Rong Jun Printing Co Ltd

Ruian Zhengdong Packaging Machinery Co Ltd

Sailing Office (HK) Ltd

Sanhua International Trade Co Ltd

Science & Technology of Stationery & Sporting Goods Publisher

Shandong Tianxiang Group Corp

Shanggongpi Xinghuzhong Stationery Gift Market

Shanghai Aiyi Stationery Co Ltd

Shanghai Alix International Co Ltd

Shanghai Artson Import & Export Co Ltd

Shanghai C&D Paper & Pulp Co Ltd

Shanghai Chi Link Hardware Products Co Ltd

Shanghai CoffeeSeeker Enterprise Co Ltd

Shanghai De Tech Co Ltd

Shanghai Dkeya International Trading Co Ltd

Shanghai Dongyang Magnet Co Ltd

Shanghai Fengzheng Trading Co Ltd

Shanghai Gioro Digital technology Co Ltd

Shanghai Golden Stamps International Trade Co Ltd

Shanghai Haichuan Paper Industry Co Ltd

Shanghai Haoren Stationery Co Ltd

Shanghai HCRT Industrial Co Ltd

Shanghai Helmat Office Products Co Ltd

Shanghai Hephas Energy Equipment Co Ltd

Shanghai Hongying Stationery & Gifts Co Ltd

Shanghai Jingchuan Binding Industrial Co Ltd

Shanghai Kingpin Stationery Manufacture Co Ltd

Shanghai Longrun MRE Technology

Shanghai Luosheng Packing Equipment Co Ltd

Shanghai Newstar Stationery Co Ltd

Shanghai NNW New Materials Technology Co Ltd

Shanghai Novartec Material Technology Co Ltd

Shanghai Platinum Pen Co Ltd

Shanghai Polar Bear Stationery Adhesive Tape Co Ltd

Shanghai Pop 3D Co Ltd

Shanghai Shanding Cultural Goods Co Ltd

Shanghai Shenguang Office Equipment Co Ltd

Shanghai Shipman Trade Co Ltd

Shanghai Timi Paper Products & Printing Affaif Co Ltd

Shanghai Topm Co Ltd

Shanghai Tuanneng Oamachine Co Ltd

Shanghai Wuzhifeng Information Technology Co Ltd

Shanghai Xiemu Stationery Co., Ltd

Shanghai Xizang Road Department Store Gift Market

Shanghai Xsheen Machine Electron Technology Co Ltd

Shanghai Yuanxiang Stationery & Office Supplies Co Ltd

Shangyu Zhiyuan Drawing Material Co Ltd

Shantou Jingyu Paper Production Co Ltd

Shantou Jinping Dongling Plastic Machine Factory

Shantou Yuansheng Industry Co Ltd

Shaoxing Baisheng Stationery Co Ltd

Shaoxing County Jinxiang Industry & Trade Co Ltd

Shaoxing Huasheng Nail Industry Co Ltd

Shaoxing New Century Stationery Co Ltd

Shaoxing Shunxing Metal Producting Co Ltd

Shaoxing Yiyou Stationery Co Ltd

Shengou Trade Co Ltd (Beijing)

Shenzhen Baiheng Office Supplies Co Ltd

Shenzhen City Front Industry Co Ltd

Shenzhen City Tongchuang Stationery Co Ltd

Shenzhen Civors Stationery Co Ltd

Shenzhen Comix Stationery Co Ltd

Shenzhen Comix Stationery Co Ltd

Shenzhen Feiligao Technology Co Ltd

Shenzhen Fitcolor Industrial Co Ltd

Shenzhen Gereke Machinery Co Ltd

Shenzhen Goldlonsen Medical Technology Co Ltd

Shenzhen Hontin Plastic Co Ltd

Shenzhen Jingzhida Packaging Co Ltd

Shenzhen Lianxingfeng Science & Technology Co Ltd

Shenzhen Liwenfeng Paper Co Ltd

Shenzhen Oastar Eletronics Co Ltd

Shenzhen Sino-harvest Industry Co Ltd

Shenzhen Yaou Office Equipment Co Ltd

Sheyang Sinopioneer Machinery & Electrics Co Ltd

Shineway Industry Limited

Showcheer Co Ltd

Shuen Der Industry (Jiangsu) Co Ltd

Simax Sports Shanghai

SJSY Package Products Co Ltd

SSKY (Yangzhou) Plastic Industry Co Ltd

Sun Shine Handcrafts (Dongguan) Co Ltd

SunChoice Manufactory Dongguan Company Limited

Sunwood Holding Group

Suzhou Century Star Science & Technology Co Ltd

Suzhou Guanhua Paper Factory

Suzhou Industrial Park Asia Pacific Paper Converting Co Ltd

Suzhou Long Chain Household Co Ltd

Suzhou Shengbaiwei Packaging Equipment Co Ltd

Suzhou Xiandai Paper Production Co Ltd

Taicang Boardstar Office Supplies Co Ltd

Taishan Jinri Stationery Plastic Co Ltd

Taizhou Ideapao Stationery Co Ltd

Tianjin Tonghe Stationery Industrial Co Ltd

Tianjin Zhonglituo Ind&Tra Co Ltd

Tiie Trade(Shanghai) Co Ltd

Titi Co Ltd

Tombow  Pencil Co Ltd

True Color Gift Packing Co Ltd

UPM(China)Co Ltd

Wenling Xiangqiu Stationery Factory

Wenzhou Daili Hardware Co Ltd

Wenzhou Defoile Packing Trade Co Ltd

Wenzhou Feiya Stationery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Gangyi Stationery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Hongtai Mould Co Ltd

Wenzhou Hontree Stationery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Huari Stationery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Hydee Import & Export Co Ltd

Wenzhou Import & Export United Co Ltd

Wenzhou Keqiang Machinery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Lihao Technology Co Ltd

Wenzhou Mingyue Stationery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Qipai Stationery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Shengfeng Pen Industry Co Ltd

Wenzhou Sinelabel Stationery Co Ltd

Wenzhou Tianhao Pen Industrial Co Ltd

Wenzhou Yile Pen Industry Co Ltd

Wuhan Right Paper Converter Co Ltd

Wuxi City Qingfeng Plastic Co Ltd

Wuxi City Xingyue Plastic Co Ltd

Wuxi Laminat Pouch Film Company

Wuxi Lanfeng Zhimo Co Ltd

Xi‘an Ogear Co Ltd

Xiamen Xinkalong Light Co Ltd

Xuyi Yubo Stationery Co Ltd

Yalong Paper Products (Kunshan) Co Ltd

Yangzhou Dehuang Stationery Co Ltd

Yangzhou Wanmuchun Paper Co Ltd

Yau Bong Polybags Printing Co Ltd

Yide Office Equipment Co Ltd

Yinhai Industrial Co Limited

Yiwu Anteng Packaging Co Ltd

Yiwu Changlong Binding Equipment Co Ltd

Yiwu City Shanhe Wite Co Ltd

Yiwu Hanxi Handbag Co Ltd

Yiwu Huachi Stationery Co Ltd

Yiwu New Landmass Stationery Co Ltd

Yiwu Quanpaiqi Stationery Co Ltd

Yiwu Ruida Plastic Stationery Co Ltd

Yiwu Shenghua Printing Co Ltd

Yiwu S-Win Advertising Co Ltd

Yixing City Huafeng Plastic Co Ltd

Yixing City New Blue Bird Plastic Co Ltd

Yixing City Yulong Plastic Adhesive Packing Products Co Ltd

Yixing Wangzhe Laminating Film Co Ltd

Yixing Yangguang Plastic Co Ltd

Yong Hua Pencils Stationery Co Ltd

Yongkang Guangtai Hardware Co Ltd

Yongkang Longshan Hongli Stationery co Ltd

Yucai Holding Group Co Ltd

Yunhui International Industray Ltd

Yuyao Chuanghui Resin Nibs Factory

Yuyao School-Max Stationery Co Ltd

Yuyao Yinhe Plastic Production Co Ltd

Zebra Pen (Shenzhen) Co Ltd

Zhaoqing Eiffel Marker Manufactory

Zhejiang Anji Shuangjian Paper Co Ltd

Zhejiang Debang Print Co Ltd

Zhejiang Delijia Stationery Co Ltd

Zhejiang Forest Industry Co Ltd

Zhejiang Ganglong Stationery Co Ltd

Zhejiang Guicai Rubber Factory

Zhejiang Haopu Electronics Co Ltd

Zhejiang Hongxing Stationery Co Ltd

Zhejiang Huaming Adhesive Products Co Ltd

Zhejiang Huanda Industry & Commerce Co Ltd

Zhejiang Jinda Craft Stationery Co Ltd

Zhejiang Jiuling Pens & Brushes Co Ltd

Zhejiang Kangyu Industry Limited

Zhejiang Keli Yinye New Technology Development Co Ltd

Zhejiang Meiyu Stationery Co Ltd

Zhejiang Nanxing Electronic Technology Co Ltd

Zhejiang Pengjin Technology Co Ltd

Zhejiang Pijinwang Rubber Products Co Ltd

Zhejiang Printing Iron Industry Co Ltd

Zhejiang Ronbon Electronics Technology Co Ltd

Zhejiang Sagement Industrial Co Ltd

Zhejiang Songyang Yikeshu Stationery Co Ltd

Zhejiang Wenhua Stationery Co Ltd

Zhejiang Yiwu Qidesheng Stationery Co Ltd

Zhengda Business Card Machine Factory Lucheng Wenzhou

Zhenjiang Kingreen Imp & Exp Co Ltd

Zhuhai G&G Digital Co Ltd

Zhuhai G&G Digital Co Ltd

Zhuhai Zhong Shi Fa Printing Co Ltd


Evolis Asia Pte Ltd

Visions & Trends 


Dokumental GmbH & Co KG Schreibfarben

Filtrona Special Fiber Products Ningbo Co Ltd

Innowell GmbH Writing Technology

LM Karten Vertrieb & Verlags GmbH Germany

Schneider Schreibgeraete GmbH

Hong Kong SAR

Acme United (Asia Pacific) Limited

Bluesky Stationery Co Ltd

Brady Corporation Hong Kong Limited

Cheong Hing Printing Co Ltd

China Stationery Limited

HK Junhao International Trading Limited

Hong Kong Dason Paper Products Co Ltd

Kingly Agents Limited

Lion Share International Limited

P & B Industries Ltd

Paramount Manufactory Limited

Piccadilly (Asia) Limited

Pro-File Stationery Ltd

Seaman Paper Asia Co Ltd

Silver Talent International Ltd

Speedy China Limited

Tat Hing Metals Plastic Co Ltd

TPPS World (HK) Ltd

Tri-T Technologies Ltd

Tung Hing Products Co Ltd

Tung Yik International Ltd

Wah Hing Stationery Manufactory Co Ltd


Essem Tecnopinz Pvt Ltd

Kangaro Industries (Regd)

Kanin (India) Ltd

Kids International Pvt Ltd

Kool-Toolz Art Material Pvt Ltd

Smoothline Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd

Vasa International


PT Standardpen Industries


P.E.R. Belle Arti di Pieraccini Riccardo Elio



Aska Corporation Ltd

AuBEX Corporation

B.H.P. Industries Co Ltd

Papyrus Company Co Ltd

Shanghai Platinum Pen Co Ltd

Shanghai Youth Techno Mfg Co Ltd/Carl (Shanghai) Trading Co Ltd

Teibow Co Ltd


A-Art Co Ltd

AlphaChem Co Ltd

Amos Corporation

Cambo Co  Ltd

Crown Ball Pen Co Ltd

Dae Lim Enterprise

Dong Kee Balune Co Ltd

Dong-A Teaching Materials Co Ltd

Gratia Corporation

Insung Tech Co Ltd


Jang Oh Machinery Co Ltd

K-Lami Co Ltd

Korea White Ind Co Ltd

Korean Stationery Industry Cooperative

KPI Co Ltd

Latech Korea Co Ltd

Lineplus Corporation


Morris Pen Corporation

Mungyo Corporation

Mungyo Kyojai Co

Orient Chemical (Korea)

Pankyo Co Ltd


Shanghai Bobo Trading Co Ltd

Shinheung Stationery Co Ltd

S-land Co Ltd

Story Co Ltd


YOU&I Shanghai Corporation


Brilliant Achievement Sdn Bhd

Hai Chuan Printers & Paper Products Sdn Bhd

Racnic Sdn Bhd

Tan Eng Hong Paper & Stationery Sdn Bhd

Tele-Paper (M) Sdn Bhd

Tong Hin Polystyrene Industries Sdn Bhd

Writebest Manufacturing Sdn Bhd


Rabeco (Shanghai) Ltd


Premec SA

Swissmetal Industries Ltd


Chen's Asia International Corp

Ever Jun Eagle Internation, , al Co Ltd

Excel Rite Ent Co Ltd

Foldermate Ent Co Ltd

Goldenway Advance Enterprise Co Ltd

I - Binder International Co Ltd

Interlink Ent Co Ltd

Jeng Tair Label Print Co Ltd

Kai Rong (Magnets) Industrial Co Ltd

Kao Rong Industrial Co Ltd

Liberty Stationery Corporation

Lion Pencil Co Ltd

Lucky Art Industrial Co Ltd

Morn Sun Dev Co Ltd

Nestor Binding Technology Inc

Pao Shen Enterprises Co Ltd

Shanghai Genmes Office Products Co Ltd

Shanghai Polar Bear Stationery Adhesive Tape Co Ltd

Shuen Der Industry (Jiangsu) Co Ltd

Strong Stationery MFG Co Ltd

Sunny Pro Corp Ltd

Sunrise Global Development Co Ltd

Surbright Enterprises Co Ltd

Ta Ta Office Products Inc

Taiwan Hopax Chemicals Mfg Co Ltd


Year Sing Plastics Co Ltd

Yidu Group Co Ltd

Yow Sheen Acrylic Co Ltd

Yu Wei Zhong Technology Co Ltd     

United Kingdom

Multichem Ltd


Mirage International Industries

Officemax China Holdings Limited, Taiwan Branch

Royal Sovereign Qingdao

Teledex Inc

US Ring

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